Fuel Cell & Other New Tech

SIMEC Uskmouth Power and Direct Energy are an innovative developer of clean coal technology with the vision to become the world leader in the transfer of coal to power without combustion.

At the forefront of the company’s assets is a direct carbon fuel cell known as DCFC – A highly efficient transfer of coal to power without combustion developed in partnership with the University of Queensland and backed by Grants from the Australian Government.

The company project is on trend with global coal power producers need for cleaner more efficient production.

The opportunity is to fund the next stages of the project to commercialize its technology into the power industry when scheduled demonstrations begin to the industry and government in November 2014.

Power production for the world is set to double by 2040 however Power plants around the world are being shut down or mothballed for failing to meet new emission controls for pollution. These power plants need to find a cleaner and cost effective solution.
The use of coal is increasing because for better or worse we make most of our energy choices on price.

The fuel cell has large scale potential due to adaptability to coal, which is the cheapest and most widely used source of power globally. Whilst we can use natural gas and many other hydrocarbons as a fuel source, the company’s focus has been on coal due to its widespread use across the globe.

We are offering a practical and affordable solution to global emissions. Average efficiencies of coal combustion in power stations is 28-45% where as DCFC expects 80%.

The Direct Carbon Fuel Cell can facilitate:

  • Increasing electrical efficiencies in coal fired power plants
  • Can reduce nearly half the amount of coal needed for the same output
  • Can substantially reduce operating costs and water usage, and
  • Allows lesser quality (or previously unacceptable) coal to be used in this process.
  • Generating power from coal in a world that is predicted to increase coal consumption
  • The ability to reduce carbon dioxide and noxious gas emissions offering superior environmental conditions

The UNIQUE aspects of the DCFC are

  • Cathode materials – approximately 50 times cheaper than traditional fuel cells that use noble metals (platinum etc.).
  • Anode materials – significantly reduced costs.
  • Power Density – having an output of double that of current world leading fuel cell Technology.
  • The ability to use syngas from coal (not previously possible due to coking problems).
  • The ability to produce high-grade electricity, necessary in major power plants.
  • The superior thermal qualities of the tubes used in the fuel cell.